Your digital handyman!

If you have a problem that is IT related we can help!


What We Offer

We can handle multiple items at the same time.  We can take a look at your current network set up and advise if there are any security vaulnerabilities and advise solutions or completely re-vamp your entire system.  We build custome websites from entry level to full blown E-commerce site.  We even fix PC’s and Laptops wether it is hardware or software related we will get it running again!

Network Issues

Often times the network is the backbone of the office and if something is wrong it can cripple the entire work-flow of a company.  With intagrated technology we can fix it correctly!

Website Development

We can build a custom website that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations.  From the most basic to the most complex!

Computer Repair

When something goes wrong with your computer it is frustrating and can bring your production to a grinding hault.  Wether it is something simple or complicated we can fix it.  We also have a loner program where we can get you back to work quickly!